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August 1998

Editor: Scott Gottlieb, CPA
Assistant editor: Susan A. Maffetone, CPA

CPA Web Trust
Recently, Susan attended a seminar on the CPA Web Trust which is a new service being offered by various firms.  With CPA Web Trust, CPA's will be extending their historical role as monitors of corporate policies and practices to specifically examining companies' Web sites on the Internet.  Below is a copy of the CPA WebTrust Fact Sheet.  

       CPAWebTrust is a unique seal of assurance which has been developed jointly by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) to break down the barriers to electronic commerce by assuring online customers that businesses carrying the seal adhere to standard business practices and controls.

Designed to build trust and confidence between businesses and customers, CPAWebTrust will raise the bar for electronic commerce business practices and provide independent verification that Web sites meet AICPA- and CICA-prescribed criteria.

The CPAWebTrust seal granted to a Web site assures compliance with CPAWebTrust principles and related criteria. Consumers may click on the seal and access a report issued by the CPA, as well as the CPAWebTrust principles and related criteria.

CPAWebTrust principles address three broad categories:

1. Business Practices Disclosures: The Web site operator discloses its business practices for electronic commerce transactions and executes transactions in accordance with its disclosed business practices.

2. Transaction Integrity: The Web site operator maintains effective controls to ensure that customers' orders placed using electronic commerce are completed and billed as agreed.

3. Information Protection: The Web site operator maintains effective controls to ensure that private customer information is protected from uses not related to its business.

      According to a national Yankelovich study, consumers are very concerned about the privacy and protection of their personal information - including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, buying pattern history - when shopping online. However, according to the same study, consumers would be more willing to shop online if there were CPA assurance of a site.

Only CPAs who have completed training and have been licensed by the AICPA in accordance with performance standards are qualified to issue the CPAWebTrust seal. Training, certification, and licensing ensure consistent application of the CPA WebTrust principles and related criteria.

The CPAWebTrust seal was developed by the AICPA. VeriSign, a world-renowned provider of digital authentication services, has developed the encryption and authentication technology and practices which help assure the consumer that the seal on a Web site is authentic and the site is entitled to display it. This means that the seal is difficult to forge and is current.

Drop me an email and let me know what you think.

Accounting Software tips of the month
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Microsoft has set up a comprehensive Web site that lists potential year 2000 issues for each of its products (including Excel) at

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